From the story of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to cross the Atlantic piloting a plane, La Teta Calva has created a show for Marea Danza where flamenco dance and contemporary dramaturgy merge.
We look in the flamenco and the woman the brave grsture and decission. The engine that roars against the inclemencies. If flamenco is quejío and expression, we see in this story a tribute to all those women who make the problems a distant landscape, they become strong and join forces to show us that nothing is impossible.

“Five women that will be five birds, that will be a storm, that will be five men, that will be five thunders and five lost islands. Five dancers and two authors. “

Contracting information

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Creation & direction: :
La Teta Calva

Choreographic direction: :
Paco Berbel

Original music: :
Carles Chiner

Dancers: :
Elena Marava, María José Mora, Lourdes de la Rúa, Rosa Sanz, Paula Sebastián

Produced by::
Pasqual Rodrigo Estudios L´ïlla de Pasqua

Custom design::
Pascual Peris

Stage design::
Luis Crespo

Lighting desing::
Ximo Rojo

Marea Danza