A one-man-show.
A show of creative theatre, that will travel from humor to poetry
A show to celebrate that we are alive.
“We are such in a hurry to do, write and stop hearing our voice in the silence of eternity, that we forget the only thing really important: to live.” Robert Luis Stevenson.
Twelve years after founding his company, GUILLEM ALBÀ presents the sixth creative show. A work that mixes the visual and poetic theatre of PLUJA, with the irreverent and direct connection with the public of MARABUNTA, following a classic narrative structure like TRAU.
In this case, however, in front of the public we will only find Guillem Albà. Alone. With the help of a few scenic elements and stripped of the word, Guillem Albà proposes a reflection about the rush, the hyperconnectivity, the ego, the now, and the here.


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Dirección e interpretación:
Guillem Albà

Alicia Serrat, Marc Angelet, Andreu Martínez, Guillem Albà

Pep Pascual

Asesora movimiento:
Ariadna Peya