SOCIAL ANIMAL is the first show by Titoyaya Dansa created entirely for street and unconventional spaces. The composition, movement and texts created for this occasion revolve around a main idea: empathy.
Human beings are social animals, we need each other and together we are capable of doing wonderful things. But we also look for confrontation and sometimes we use force to impose ourselves on others because of gender, territory, language….
Any aspect, in principle positive and enriching, can be the trigger for an explosion of violence against each other. In Social Animal the five interpreters are building relationships, sometimes very fragile, sometimes stronger, that evolve based on the actions and decisions taken by the protagonists.


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Gustavo Ramírez Sansano

Verónica García Moscardó, Gustavo Ramírez Sansano

Diana Huertas, Jessica Martín Koloniar, Eduardo Zúñiga, Itxasai Mediavilla, Salvador Rocher